Mom has misconceptions because of suicides

<p>So, I'm interested in applying to Cornell's school of engineering, but my mother doesn't want me to because she thinks Cornell must be "an awfully unhappy place, why else would there be suicides". What can I say to her to convince her otherwise - students at Cornell please help.</p>

<p>I think you have some homework to do ... do a googel search on college suicide rates and you will find even with the rash of suicides this fall Cornell's suicide rate is below average for highly selective schools ... even a search on CC will help as there were 2-3 threads on the topic this past fall ... if your Mom will not be calmed by the real data you have a pretty uphill battle. (PS - what you will find is that Cornell's suicide rate is better than average and the school has been mentioned many times for it's proactive work to trying to address this issue ... it hd been 2-3 years since the last suicide before the rash this past fall).</p>

<p>Suicide happen on every college campus, like 3togo said, do a google search and show her that it is very common and has more to do with the individual than where they are</p>

<p>"The rate of suicide over time at Cornell University has been consistent with national suicide data in higher education,.."</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

Hopkins</a> suicide rate in line with national college trend - News</p>

<p>MIT</a> Suicides Reflect National Trends - The Tech</p>

<p>From another article:
"Cornell had no suicides from 2005 to 2008, according to Marchell. And the school has consistently fallen within or below the national average, said Karen Carr, assistant dean of students at Cornell."</p>

<p>thank you, I will try to show these to my mom.</p>

<p>Can't really add much to what the others said (which is all true)</p>

<p>The reason why CU get so much attention as a suicide school is because of the manner that the suicides are committed....I was a transfer and there were actually 4 suicides at my previous school the year I attended, all overdoses. Whereas at Cornell, there were two in my first year--- but they weren't overdoses; the kids jumped. </p>

<p>Please don't take this the wrong way, I am not trying to be insensitive--but the reason why CU gets labelled a suicide school is because of the extreme way in which kids commit suicide. It happens everywhere, no matter what college you attend.</p>

<p>no beeb</p>

<p>the reason why cornell is seen as a "suicide school" because in the 1970s, 60 Minutes did a special on college suicides and used cornell mainly for the background footage. suicides can happen AT ANY SCHOOL and is VERY TRAGIC nonetheless, no matter how it is done. it was such a shock for what happened this year, especially when 3 happened within such a close timeframe with each other, making the recovery process very difficult within the student, faculty, and surrounding ithaca community. while i personally am torn about the fences on the bridges, they were a quick "solution" for the time being. the way the cornell community united afterward, celebrating life at the outdoor carnival as well as our amazing ncaa run, was something beautiful to experience. as horrible as it is, people really came together after the tragedies. </p>

<p>to the op, i hope your mother doesnt keep you from applying just because of suicides WHICH HAPPEN AT EVERY SCHOOL. its like saying "i dont want to go to a party school." well, whether you go to massive state school university or prestigious ivy university, you will find students who want to party and drink to oblivion and students who spend their lives in the library (and as well as students who can manage a healthy medium). cornell is a wonderful institution, including the COE and i hope you apply! cornell is a very happy place, just visit during the school year and you will see how great the people! there is a ton of school spirit and pretty much everyone is thrilled to be here! [end of cornell plug...i can legit go on for days and days about how much im obsessed with cornell]. thank god architecture has 5 years because i get an extra year at cornell yay :) so all in all, dont let recent tragedies deter you from applying. </p>

<p>good luck!</p>