Moms and Dads

<p>Moms and Dads of Wash U's students, how are your kids doing? Any complains?</p>

<p>Daughter loves it, but says it is really crowded trying to buy lunch on Hilltop between classes. Also, Chem is a killer, but the other classes are going really well. She loves dorm, loves classes</p>

<p>D REALLY loves it. She is studying abroad this year and is sad she isn't there. Pre-med was a killer, but she is finished now and can concentrate on her major classes. People are really friendly, facinating and most are pretty academically minded, not many slackers.</p>

<p>D loves it. Is enjoying her second intended major, perhaps even more than what she chose to go to Wash U. for. I can't believe I have conversations about the supply/demand curve with her. She's in the most amazing dorm. Active social life. Learning a ton about life, as well as from the classes she's taking. I can't imagine a better fit for her.</p>