moms being annoying, helppp

<p>Ok so I'm a junior and Ive posted on here a few times asking for my chances at the schools which I'd like to apply to at the end of this year/beginning of next year, but know my mom has become even crazier than I already am about the whole college thing and is making me put together a list of all the colleges which Id like to go to and meet with my guidance councilor/an out of school councilor to really narrow down the list and focus on doing whatever is necessary to get into the schools which I'm really interested. Basically id like your opinion on whether this schools on this list are right for me (can I get into them) and any suggestions you may have for me. First let me tell you a little about myself, Im a guy from a super competitive school on Long Island, New York, I work hard, but I also play hard and I'm really looking for some of the top (not Harvard but close) schools in academics as well as night life. I really would like to stay on or around the east coast with the the possible exception of california. Im almost positive that Im going to major in business, but not 100%. Heres a quick overview of my stats:</p>

770-M 730-CR 680-WR
(will hopefully improve the english areas)</p>

<p>Sat II:
taking Math IIc and US this june (hopefully ill do a little better)</p>

<p>most rigorous course load
Fresh(significantly lower)/Sophmore gpa: 93ish UW 95ish W
Junior year: All A's with a B+ in Russian </p>

Euro: 3 (yeah bad, should have studied)
this year: Physics AB(A) and US history(A+)</p>

blah blah blah...Student council officer all years, Deca all years, Spanish club officer all years, Baseball all years, 50 hours community service...</p>

<p>Now here is my current list of colleges in order with one being the most desired and so on...
1. UPenn...(wharton...i wish)
2. Georgetown (wouldnt major in business here, prob go for their sfs)
3. Duke
4. Emory
5. Brown (another school i wouldnt major in business in)
6. Michigan (I have an aversion to frost bite though)</p>

<p>I'd really appreciate your opinions on my list and any suggestion at all that you might have pertaining to anythingggggggggg I have mentioned would be greatlyyyyy appreciated.</p>

<p>weak ECs. Youre definitely in at Emory. Michigan is an easy match. George town is a match. Brown is a match/reach. Penn and Duke are both very big reaches for you.</p>

<p>WUSTL would be a good school for you too.</p>

<p>i was thinking about wash u in st luis but something turned me off about st luis, I heard that you need to show a great desire to get in there and I just dont have it...rbcello, that was an overview of my EC's, im not trying to pass them off as amazing but I have been dedicated to each of these as well as a few other clubs throughout high school, in fact I plan on going to nationals for deca this year..</p>

<p>Take a look at Cornell, Northwestern, Carnegie Mellon, and Vanderbilt. Also, if you're into business, the Stern School at NYU.</p>

<p>LoL Brown a match?! I suggest you go back and look at their acceptance rates and compare them to other school. They are on par with Duke and Penn. All three are big reaches.</p>

<p>when you say big reaches, do they seem to be at an attainable level given where I am at now or should I just cross them off my list and not get laughed at by my councilors when i give them my list</p>

<p>First off, you are not definitely in at any of these schools, because of the nature of competitive admissions at top schools. Take your AP tests seriously because your SAT II's aren't stellar, a couple of more three's won't help you. These schools aren't laughable for you, but you absolutely should expand your list to include some safeties you would be very happy to attend. </p>

<p>Work hard/play hard, future business major from Long Island, have you considered the University of Miami? You'd be a secure match/very likely with merit aid there if that's a consideration.</p>

<p>I wasnt really thinking about miami but ill look into it. I will not get another 3 on an ap, i actually did no work the first two years of high school and this year im working my ass off and im getting the grades I want, im hoping for all 5's this year as well as considerable higher sat 2's.</p>

<p>That's a good attitude to take. These schools are possibles, but part of what you're up against is geography. There are a lot of high-achieving kids from Long Island in the pool. Keep working hard and researching schools. Stay positive.</p>

<p>Thanks for all your advice...the geography is really annoying but this year 11 kids got into Cornell ED from my school 5 to penn and at least 2 to all of the other ivies besides Harvard, and I could def see at elast a few of those who got defered being accepted RD</p>