Mon. and Tues before classes?

<p>Classes start Wed. Are there things we have to do or go to the two days before? I am a transfer student if that matters.</p>

<p>Great question, I'm a Welcome Leader and I'm not sure if I'm having a group of freshman or transfer students so maybe you'll be in my group! lol</p>

<p>Sunday afternoon is the New Student Convocation at Littlejohn (required) and afterwards there's an optional picnic at the President's House and a chance to meet and talk with him.</p>

<p>On Monday, you have to go in the morning or afternoon (required) to a "One Clemson" workshop which is along the lines of "diversity-training" or "how to deal with other people unlike you". There are tons of optional activities that day too. There are academic workshops way early in the morning (8:30 AM). From 4-6 PM is the Student Organizations Fair on Bowman, 5:30-8 PM is the Welcome Back Festival in Downtown Clemson, 6-10 PM is the Bowman Block Party, and from 10-1 AM, there are buses going to Target from campus and there's an event at Target (basically a gimmick to try and get you to buy stuff there!)</p>

<p>On Tuesday, there are more academic workshops that are optional in the morning. In the afternoon, you will go to an activity called "Mission Transition" (required) which is for transfer students so I have no idea what that's about (For any freshman reading this, you go listen to the summer reading speaker which is required as well and have a group discussion afterwards). From 5-7 PM that day is RecFest (optional) which basically introduces you to Fike and the recreation stuff at Clemson.</p>

<p>Here's the schedule of the events of the few days before classes start: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Just go out, have fun, and meet some students/future friends and get involved on campus through the organizations fair. If you have any questions about what goes on first week, I'll try and answer them but if not I can email the person in charge of Welcome Leaders and see if they have an answer for that!</p>

<p>Thanks for the help.</p>