Money and Orientation

<p>How much extra money would someone who has been to orientation suggest bringing? I know there are things you can purchase such as the sports season passes. Are there any other expenses that come up?</p>

<p>you might want to eat some meals on Guadaloupe. I think you can put the sports package on your bill, and pay from home.<br>
I think my daughter spent an extra 50 dollars or so. If you go to the coop for UT clothes, that is another story.</p>

<p>Unless you see something unusual at the coop, don't buy UT t-shirts. During orientation and the first month of class, my son was given over a dozen!</p>

<p>Related to zlc's post, the co-op outlet is often a great place for clothing - stuff that doesn't sell or gets phased out of the main co-op goes on sale there. I stock up on shirts for my workouts and runs there for 5 bucks a piece - thicker than basic tees from Target/Wal-mart with school spirit to boot. ;) The outlet is just next door to the main co-op on the Drag, next to Jamba Juice.</p>