Money, money, money

<p>How helpful is WashU in giving financial aid to their students. The school really is fantastic (Great teachers, beautiful campus, etc.) but it so very expensive. The problem is though that my family will not qualify for any need-based aid/scholarships/grants, yet even for us the school is quite expensive. I was wondering if anyone could tell me around how much aid they give to help lessen the financial burden. I'm not looking for full scholarships, but do they give much substancial aid to students? If they do how much is it typically and how do I apply for it?
Thanks in advance

<p>Your question is a bit subjective, since each family is different. It seems that the university will give “general” scholarships (I don’t have a better way of phrasing this) alongside merit scholarships. See below. For example, next year I have:</p>

<p>5k Stafford Subsidized Loan
5k Scholarship
15k Merit-based scholarship</p>

<p>My family falls into the same category as yours, in that we do not qualify for need-based aid. I would say that they are fairly generous in their aid. I’m not sure why there’s just a 5k “scholarship” sitting there (that’s actually what it says on SFS), but I’m not complaining.</p>

<p>I didn’t do anything special past the annual FAFSA submission. I think WashU guarantees that each year, the amount of aid you receive will never decrease, only increase or remain constant.</p>