<p>Are we able to ask for more money, or negotiate with the fin aid department. My parents are looking at the numbers and cannot come up with it</p>

<p>I have to pay full tuition, and I recently sent an e-mail to the fin. aid office, asking very politely and discreetly for any more money that might be made avaliable to our family.</p>

<p>They bascially said no. Actually, they didn't outright say "no", but they explained that all fin. aid was based on the FAFSA/EFC ect, and that's that. I tried, but we're still not getting jack.</p>

<p>Another girl I know sent an e-mail asking for any more money, and they also turned her down.</p>

<p>This is totally ontrary to a fair number of current USC sophs and juniors, who have told us they e-mailed the fin aid office and got more money ($5,000 more seems to be the golden general number) two/three years ago. Boo. :(</p>

<p>Best wishes Bozenuts.</p>

<p>You can definately do that. I wouldn't be as discreet about it as Peals asid he was though....I would be very straightforward:</p>

<p>"I want to go to USC, USC is my number one choice, but unless I receive a little more financial aid, it just won't be possible for me"</p>

<p>Still, the only thing they might do is increase your loans, which isn't reallly all that helpful in the long run.</p>