Monmouth Class of 2022 Admissions

Anyone out there applying to Monmouth? DS applied in November. No news yet, just wondering if there are others out there also interested in Monmouth.

My D received her envelope today. Accepted! Live in PA

Congratulations! DS is still waiting to hear, but applied Nov. 28th so it hasn’t been a long wait yet

My son received his acceptance envelope on the 18th. We’re in NJ.

@mommfl and @PM0019 – about how long was it between the time you submitted to the time you received the acceptance? Monmouth is the only school that we haven’t heard from yet. In all fairness, it’s only been about 3 weeks since the application went in. We missed the Admissions part of our tour, so I don’t know much about their process. I figure that with winter break/holidays, we probably won’t hear anything until January. My neighbor’s son attends Monmouth and is very happy there, so we are anxiously waiting for news.

She applied Nov 6, accepted Dec 18. Rec’d a good amount of merit money too because we are OOS.

Acceptance arrived in today’s mail - yay!