Monmouth Class of 2023 Admissons

Has anyone received any acceptance letters yet? When I was looking through last years post a couple people were accepted on the 18th of December!

I applied to Monmouth, but I haven’t received anything yet

I hope we hear back soon! Best of luck to you!

@christinatoto and to you as well! I’ll post when I receive the letter. :slight_smile:

They just sent out acceptances via the portal! :slight_smile:

@grasshopper99 How did you access this??

@christinatoto You should have been emailed the access information when you applied via email.

Shoot my portal hasn’ updated I hope this doesn’t mean I was rejected. What major were you accepted into & do you mind me asking your stats? @grasshopper99

@christinatoto I doubt you were denied. Accepted into the BS/MD program.

GPA: 3.5
ACT: 28
3 APs

I applied on November 1st for early action, and still have checked my portal but not received anything. I know others from my school who found out that they have been accepted. Getting worried now! :frowning:

I’m nervous too @rmarie07

@christinatoto / @rmarie07 - They are known to send out admission letters before the portal notifications (as seen by last year’s thread), so don’t be nervous. Also, their acceptance rate is high, so there isn’t too much to worry about! :slight_smile:

Checked their instagram, and saw that they had sent out the letters. Their instagram story showed students who received their decision via mail, and the portal. My friend got hers through the portal, so I emailed admissions.

Did they answer back?? @rmarie07