Monmouth College and the extreme lack of info on this site about it

<p>Has anyone here had any experience with Monmouth, ESPECIALLY their music department? I'm looking to be a Music Comp or Vocal Performance major, and I'd really like to know more about the campus and school vibe, etc.

<p>Monmouth (like their rival and my alma mater, Knox) gets overshadowed by schools like Grinnell and Carelton, not to mention all the top LACs like Swarthmore and Amherst. A lot of good schools are overlooked on this site. Sorry I can't help you with the music program, but don't let the lack of information here diminish your interest.</p>

<p>Monmouth College is really off the radar when it comes to this site. Frankly, I think it is a shame. I recently stopped by Monmouth while traveling out to Iowa and I was impressed. Very nice campus. For better or worse, it has a pretty conservative vibe -- more so than Knox or Cornell College (in my opinion). Seems like alot of pro-professional type of students. And I think the Greek system is pretty big there.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I know nothing about their music program.</p>

<p>Monmouth College (from Princeton Review) - says that Music is a standout program</p>

<p>^There are two colleges that use the name Monmouth. The Monmouth that the OP is referring to is probably Monmouth College in IL. The one that's featured in the Princeton Review is Monmouth University, which is in NJ.</p>

<p>I know this is an old thread, but my D will be attending Monmouth College this fall. She auditioned for a music scholarship, but got a drama scholarship instead. MC seems to have tons of both vocal and instrumental groups, and is one of the few colleges in the country to have a pipe band (if your kid plays bagpipes, they’ll give him or her a scholarship).
We’re OK with the town size (about the same as the county seat where we live), and the college does seem to make an effort to bring a lot of activities & events to campus which students at colleges in larger towns would have to go off-campus to find. No elevators or air-conditioning in the freshman dorms (unless your student can demonstrate a medical need for them); however, the Greek organizations help move the freshmen in (so frat boys can do the heavy lifting!). We will be taking our daughter to freshman orientation/registration in June, and will get to see our D’s actual dorm room (& possibly even meet her roommate & roommate’s parents) at that time - something which wasn’t possible at the state university her big brother attends.
Monmouth College has great financial aid (especially for IL residents), and can be a good financial “safety school”, especially for students whose SATs/ACTs may be good, but not Ivy League-caliber.</p>

<p>^I second everything CathyMcClareysaid.
I’m a junior, and Monmouth is on my list. It’s tiny, but seems like a pretty nice school for ‘the college experience’. I’m out of state, and I still get pretty good aid according to the net price calculator.</p>

<p>All I know is that my latin teacher went there and really liked it. Also, if you play bag pipes the tuition is free haha</p>