Monmouth University 2025

Anyone know when Monmouth U sends EA decisions out & how?  TY

Accepted today, honors program & merit…looking for other merit offers to compare to see if possible to increase

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My D hasn’t heard back yet, but she has 2 friends that were accepted yesterday. It sounded like they received emails, but I can’t confirm that.

She was accepted yesterday into honors w/ merit. It came reg mail and the portal updated.

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Congrats! My D did test optional and then changed it and sent her scores. I wonder if that switched her to regular decision. I hope it didn’t!

Thank you. It says in the portal what application type is

It says at the top in bold Early Action! I emailed admissions to find out. Maybe she’s not Honors and only the Honors kids got notification? Or they did it by major?

My daughter and 2 friends got in, all different majors, some honors, some not. On another thread someone said nursing did not get sent out.

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Anyone have any idea when they’ll send out next wave of acceptances for Early Action?

My son applied EA. He received an acceptance in the mail on 12/21, along with merit scholarships, Honors College acceptance and an invitation to the Bachelors + Masters program.

My daughter got the same. Hoping for slightly more merit

DD was accepted today. Received email, nothing in mail yet. Merit was $14K. Doesn’t make it worth it as of now. She has better offers (even UDel was better and that’s OOS). I’m interested to know what other offers they have given out. My only reference is a friend who is currently a senior at Monmouth. She originally sent in the wrong scores and was denied. They allowed her to resend her better score and she was accepted with $7K. Her mother thought it would have been higher had she not had the screw up based on similar stats to her niece that was also a student there and got enough merit to bring it to around what she would pay for a state school, but that was 4 years ago. I’m not sure how FA played into that scenario though. Her niece may have been getting merit and FA to get to that number.

My DD got 16.5k & acceptance to honors college. I submitted a request for a re-eval with mid senior year grades & sent higher offers from other schools. We are in NJ

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Hi, I was just wondering if you know what time there was a portal update?

D received an email at 2:20pm that her portal was updated.

We got our letter before the portal was updated. It was the first day of releases. We are waiting for financials which come by email supposedly within the next 1-2 weeks

Same here! Even though my son’s merit package was good, the base price of Monmouth U is so high. Definitely need more merit to make it a contender.

@2021twinboys are you in NJ? Would you mind sharing your merit? I’m looking for comparison. We asked for more. They will look at my daughter’s senior midpoint grades

Just got my acceptance. 25k merit and acceptance to honors college!

@ofer23 are you in state? Congrats that’s awesome!