Monmouth University Class of 2024 Admissions

Hi!! Anyone hear anything yet?

yes my daughter was accepted at Monmouth about a month ago, she had applied early admissions in early November…

Congrats!! What is your daughter’s major?

as of now it’s Physical/Health Education but that may change. Did your S/D apply early admissions?

Yes, nursing;) for my daughter

that’s a far more competitive major…I know of one other student who was also accepted a few weeks ago as a business major…perhaps you or your D should give admissions a call…best of luck!!

My daughter also admitted (undeclared).

Do your Ds plan on attending?

Did she apply early action/early decision? or regular decision?

Hi – my D applied early action. She was “just okay” with Monmouth (I thought it beautiful!). For about $50k a year I will probably not encourage it, since there are other, cheaper options she is more enthusiastic about… Good luck to all who applied/are deciding!

It’s on of my D’s top three…if she decides to stay in state Monmouth will be first her choice…

Charliecooper20 Hi! If you don’t mind sharing what are her other options?

her finalists are Monmouth (in state), Ithaca, High Point, West Chester and possibly the University of New Hampshire where she was deferred…

Has anyone made any final decisions on college for the Fall?

Still haven’t heard from Monmouth yet; is that strange? Applied beginning of December regular decision