<p>Hey all, I'm having some monologue troubles, oh boy =)
I know everyone says that they can't give people monologues without knowing them, but my problem is that I can hardly find any in the first place. If any of you guys have some comedic monologues, could you post them or message them to me along with the name of the play? I can decide if it works for me on my own, but please, I need some options and I'm desperate!!!!</p>

<p>Much thanks and love,
Jen =)</p>

<p>Jen, what is this for? College auditions? Or an audition for a play? Can you give us info on your type, at least?</p>

<p>Step 1 Read Plays
Step 2 Go to Barnes and Noble/Borders/Bookstore, look for monologue books, make sure they are from plays,
Step 3 If you find one in a book, go read the play
Step 4 Read more plays
Step 5 WIN</p>

<p>This is for my acting class in school, and it has to be comedic. I've looked through almost all of the books in my school library and on the web and I've had no luck. I'm just asking if you guys have any at all if you could send them and I can decide on my own if they're right for what I need.</p>

<p>Thanks again,

<p>Comedic monologues for high school girls are very difficult to find. All you can really do is read more and more plays. Also, if you have an acting class at school, perhaps the drama teacher also can make suggestions. Good luck ... it really is tough finding these kinds of monologues from plays.</p>

<p>Jen: I see you're from New York -- if that means NYC, the public library has a fabulous collection of plays and monologue books. Since you say you've already done some research, it's hard to know what to suggest that you haven't already vetoed! Young actors often overlook more classical authors like Moliere or Oscar Wilde. The language is a bit stylized, but they have some very funny material.</p>

<p>I'm not in high school, I'm in a musical theatre program in college. I'm not from NYC, I live in a tiny little town. The monologues have to be contemporary, I'm not permitted to use classical monologues yet. All I'm asking is if you guys have any that maybe you've used that you can pass along to me? At least then I'll have more options than I do at this point.</p>

<p>Thanks again,

<p>Your age makes it a bit easier. Just off the top of my head, because I just read this play: Slow Dance on the Killing Ground. It's a serious play, but the female character has a good comic monologue. If you have a fairly young look, you could also try The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds. If your look is more mature, try Little Murders.</p>

<p>All of these are pretty well known plays; for college auditions they might be considered overdone, but they should be ok for class work.</p>

<p>Hi BroadwayJen07 - </p>

<p>Have by chance you checked out these websites?</p>

<p>Comic</a> Monologues for Women
[url=<a href="">]Monologue</a> Search » The Free Searchable Monologues Database and Index

<p>If you like any of them, you can subsequently buy/loan the play :D. Good luck!</p>