Monroe storage space

<p>Can anyone tell me how much storage space is available under the bed in Monroe for storage? How much can the beds be lofted? Thanks!</p>

<p>IIRC, there was storage under the bed, but I might be confusing it with the storage in Mayer-- I will ask DS when he awakens.</p>

<p>Once the bed is raised, there is substantial room. My d had lots of stuff in a trunk(the kind sold at BBB) and BBB containers.</p>

<p>I raised the bed as high as possible. I was able to fit the supplied draws along with stacking storage underneath it. I also bought an ottoman which had storage space that I used not only for storage but as a step to get on the bed.</p>

<p>Realistically someone should tell you that while dorms have storage space, there’s not a lot. So don’t bring ten pairs of jeans and thirty different tops with ten sweaters and eight pairs of shoes because you aren’t go to know what to do with them. I lucked out both years by getting single rooms with TWO closets and still found it difficult to fit my typical summer/winter wardrobe with all my other sport supplies in them. So pack as light as you can.</p>