monroe vs sharp

<p>so most people seem to put monroe as their first choice but i was just wondering what the differences are between the two, like pros and cons</p>

<p>Take a look at the threads listed at the bottom of this thread, under "similar threads". Thre are 3 on this topic that should help you out!</p>

<p>S2 prefers Sharp. He likes the volley ball court.</p>

<p>i lived in both my freshman year !(long story, fire in monroe on the 11th floor, had to move out after the spring semester for lagniappe..oh wait you have no idea what lagniappe is...sigh) </p>

<p>honestly they are both equally ****ty, but i liked sharp a little better. monroe was eerily tall (12 stories) and each floor was long and narrow with strange communal spaces..idk i just liked the feeling of sharp better.
oh also the bathrooms are smaller in monroe. but they are also dark and creepy in sharp. </p>

<p>just wait till you get to sophomore year, that's when all the dorm fun begins when you can live in suites with 7 other people...</p>

<p>SHARP! Lived in both.</p>