Montana is AWESOME

<p>man, it is so awesome</p>

<p>it has so many interesting places and people</p>

<p>man i'd like to visit that place sometime</p>

<p>too bad i dont have a car</p>

<p>I agree. Its a great place.</p>

<p>Know anything about Montana State in Bozeman?</p>

<p>It's a good school. Engeneering is very popular there. I think it is their largest program. Bozeman is a great place to live; expensive, but beautiful.</p>

<p>Montana State is a great school with some super programs.
Also, if you are into skiing, many people have told me there is no other school where the culture is so into skiing. When D took her tour there, the residence hall guide told us that when there is fresh snow overnight on Bridger Bowl, that the students pour out of the dorms with their equipment in the morning and everyone goes skiing, even the professors.</p>

<p>WHY didn't I know about this when I was that age???</p>

<p>I love skiing, both cross-country and alpine. I'm considering Montana State because they have decent programs in my area of study and are offering me some pretty substantial scholarships (important because I am out of state). Anything else I should know? I'll probably go visit at some point, to see whether it works for me or not.</p>

<p>I have also loved the Honors Program at University of Montana!!!</p>