Montana Schools

I’ve finally found a couple schools I like beyond Minnesota, and I’m curious if you know more about what they offer. It’s awesome that they fall under WUE, making them a decent choice.

Montana and Montana State are the two schools, and I’m hoping you can help me learn more about them.

I’ve only seen Montana State’s campus so far.

I’m looking to go into Business: Marketing or something like that as a major or maybe history.

I’m really just curious which one is better for a few things:

How big does the surrounding community feel and how much does it support the campus? Bigger the better.

Which one has better scholarship opportunities or financial aid?

Better Gameday atmosphere for football and basketball?

Which one is more politically liberal-leaning, but not overbearing about it?

They may not be my first choice for college, but know which one is better will make the applying process easier.