Montana State @Bozeman

Posting here as there is no Montana State Forum

Anyone have any information, feedback, or opinions on Montana State University? Is it just for the outdoorsy type student?

It was recommended by a family from Colorado. Great for skiers.

When a school like Montana State doesn’t have its own page here, it confirms to me that College Confidential isn’t for diverse college discussions. Seems mostly about elite schools and schools that attract affluent families.

Bozeman has gotten a reputation as a great place to live if you like Boulder but find Boulder too big these days.

MSU has a great engineering program and is also strong in the sciences (UG research funding, Goldwater Scholars, Rhodes Scholars, etc.). MSU is definitely geared towards the outdoors person because of the long winters which provide great skiing at nearby Bridger Bowl and Big Sky. I would say that MSU has a very “homey” feel because all of Bozeman rallies around their football team. MSU is a growing campus due to their increasing enrollment, with a new building up almost every year recently. If you have any more specific questions, feel free to PM me!

Thank you both for your replies@Coloradobased and @seagreensoul
seagreensoul I appreciate you answering more ?s I will PM you if they come up. Thanks

My D21 is interested in MSU so it’s nice to hear the feedback.

And I definitely agree with @coloradobased that CC is definitely geared toward the students who are applying to elite schools. Of course a lot of that is because the students/families who are looking at schools like MSU generally aren’t nearly as obsessed about college admissions.

MSU is one of the two state universities that most Montana high school grads head for, so it is not just outdoorsy students, it is a broad cross section of students.Compared to colleges on either coast, there is probably more cowboy, rural, and yes outdoorsy, representation. I was surprised to see on College Navigator that 50% of the undergrads are OOS, so maybe that helps skew it to the outdoors.