Montana Tech

Does anyone have any experience with Montana Tech? My D21 has some interest in it. I know it’s fairly small. Do most students live on campus or are there a lot of commuters?

Freshmen under age 21 are required to live on campus, subject to some exemptions. There are only 365 beds available total, so most students have to be living off campus.

Thanks for the reply. Is the campus life pretty active even with most upperclassmen living off campus, such as activities on the weekends? Or does empty out?

Sorry, can’t help you with those type of details.
Also, Butte is a unique city, not for everyone.

Thanks for the replies.

If students don’t live on campus, it doesn’t make it a commuter campus. Many schools have the majority of students living in houses and apartments around the campus.

The ‘tech’ schools tend to be smaller and attract the same type of students so not that exciting. Some like that, some don’t.