Montclair State or Rider?

<p>I applied and visited both. If I get accepted to both I'm not entirely sure which college is the better fit for me. I don't prefer a size difference over the other. I'm most likely to major in a field of business. And it would be great if someone knew how enjoyable it is to live in one/each of the campuses.<br>


<p>I don't know anything about Montclair State other that it exists, but I know a fair amount about Rider. Campus seemed pretty nice, walkable, and good places to eat on campus. The people who I know there like it a lot. In terms of business, Rider is supposed to have a very good business program, with a lot of career opportunities.</p>

<p>Thanks so much :)</p>

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<p>i have friends at rider and they all seem to be enjoying it in their first semester. I have also heard that rider has a good business program. I have known montclair to be more of a good school for education majors. how much can you afford because Montclair is public vs riders high private cost.</p>

<p>Montclair has ZERO or next to zero campus life, a majority of students commute,though there are fair number who live on campus...Not your traditiional campus lifestyle...even many that do live there go home frequently,as many are from the area</p>

<p>My nephew attended MS and ended up living in a hotel miles from campus. Not the best experience. Rider has a good regional B school.</p>

<p>Oh wow never heard tht before. My parents are helping me pay through college so either one shouldn't be too much of a burden to pay off. Anymore info?</p>

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<p>Rider, I believe they have a better business program. Know nothing about MState, although we visit there often because a friend live next to the campus. I heard they are stronger in Educations.</p>

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<p>Campus life - Rider wins, Montclair is a commuter school and people living in the dorms all clear out every weekend. Parties do exist on the typical Thursday night though.
Reputation - Rider wins for "business".
Rider is less diverse, Montclair is very diverse "ethnically speaking obviously"
Hope that helps.</p>

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<p>If your going for business then Rider hand down, and its a way better school academically.</p>


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<p>Anymore opinions?</p>