Montclair State...

<p>So what does Montclair State have to offer? I'm from NJ, and I haven't really thought much about Montclair St. before...</p>

<p>Montclair State University is the second largest university in New Jersey, with an average class size of about 25. We offer over 250 different academic programs across five colleges and schools (College of the Arts, College of Science and Mathematics, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Education and Human Services and School of Business). Being located only 14 miles away from New York City, with an NJ Transit train station on campus, allows our students to have the best opportunities for internships and cooperative learning. Is there any area in particular that you are interested in getting more information about?</p>

<p>MSU is a really good choice I just believe it is underrated toooooooo mch very sooon its name is gtonna be way ion top just wait and see.......well it already won best piblic college in NJ and dat is true Rutgers is just living oon iots past glory Rutgers is not the same what achievement have they made so far?????</p>