Monterey Institute?

<p>Anyone know anything about this school? I have applied to this and American, GW, and Gtown and was recently informed that I have been selected as a fellow to attend Middlebury intensive summer language program free of charge for room, board, tuition. An estimated 7K cost (provided I commit to attending Monterey in the Fall) - Assuming they also give me the highest scholarship - half tution - would it be worth it to go there or is the job network so inferior to DC schools that id be better off going to a DC school at full cost.</p>

<p>Do a forum search. There's plenty on Monterey Institute.</p>

<p>The Middlebury Language Schools are among the most respected in the world.</p>

<p>Actually, there isn't much on Monterey Institute on this forum, I've searched. </p>

<p>Anyone else know much about job prospects after graduation from here? I plan on going for my masters in Environmental Policy. Seems like one of the only schools offering an internationally-focused masters on env. policy.</p>