Moore College of Art and Design Pre-College Summer Program?

<p>Moore College of Art and Design is a women's art college in Philadelphia. My D is interested in their pre-college summer program, but we're hesitant to commit to it because we haven't heard anything about it, except what we've read in their brochure and on their web site.</p>

<p>So, if you've attended the program, or you know something about the program, and can tell us about it, we'd appreciate your input. Thanks.</p>

<p>Hi there - my son attended Moore's Young Artists Workshop for several summers. Last year he took their portfolio prep course for two weeks. We live in Wilmington DE, so he was able to hop on the train (he was 17). He felt instruction at Moore was consistently strong, and there's no question that last year's portfolio prep course was tremendously beneficial. </p>

<p>Because he'd been at Moore so much, he did pre-college at Pratt the summer before his junior year. He loved it, but found the city an incredible distraction. </p>

<p>Moore's got a great reputation too. Good luck!</p>