More APs or one elective

Hey! I think I already know the answer to this, but would like to hear your opinion / confirmation. I have been taking band since 4th grade and enjoy it! Now I’m a sophomore in the highest band my school offers. However, due to this elective, I cannot explore any other subjects like AP psych, AP Computer Science and more (So I take all APs for general ed). But I do not want to give up band because it is what qualifies me to audition for honor bands like All-State. People around me are all saying that doing a school activity for such continued time is a great achievement / boost in college apps. Would you agree with this? Thank you in advance!


Doing what you love, what you enjoy is far more important than potentially impressing a college. I say potentially because taking AP Psych, for example, may or may not impress. And I don’t know what type of school you seek but there’s no guarantee of admittance. Band won’t be there forever so take advantage while you can.

When I can guarantee is that you love band so you will love continuing. And yes it shows huge dedication. Band is time consuming.

Good luck.


I would stick with it, especially if you enjoy it!

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Stick with band. One more AP isn’t even going to be noticed by college. Band, esp if you get All-State, will be, and you enjoy it. Our lives are far more rewarding if we enjoy the journey.


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Thank you so much!!! Yeah it would in total be 3 APs because it’s 3 years, but I will be dual enrolling so hopefully, it won’t be much difference :smiley: <3


The difference is you have the outlet you love and the continued relationship with your bandmates.

When you are 50, you’ll look back fondly on band. You won’t remember anything from AP you name it :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you and enjoy your 2nd semester!!

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Stick with Band. It will serve you well in high school and the future. There are great books to read if you want to explore Psychology and other electives. Not all your reading needs to be done through school sanctioned classes. Enjoy your high school years OP!

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As long as you have English, Math, History, science, and foreign language, your curriculum is rigorous and band will actually do you a lot if good, especially if you’re taking a lot of honors and AP classes.

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