More Category VI Help!!

<p>Can someone please post opinions/thoughts on the category VI classes:
swms 210 with Messner
amst 101 with Gualtieri
Rel 140 with Rudisill
soci 169 with Silverstein</p>

<li>How interesting are they? How easy to write about?</li>
<li>Class rigor</li>
<li>Do your recommend any class in particular, even if it is separate from my list?</li>


<p>For SOCI169gm
1. The professor isn't very interesting. But he often has guest lecturers and they are very interesting. Lectures aren't mandatory to attend, as he posts up slides that contain essentially everything he says, BUT there's a sign-in sheet for attendance. Very easy to write about, because you're writing about families. Most of it is intuitive.
2. Very easy. I ended up with like a 99% in the class and I turned both of the essays for the class (SOCI 169, not WRIT 140) in late. I also did JEP and other extra credit Dr. Silverstein offered, but I felt they weren't very helpful. Midterms and finals are a cinch as long as you read the book (lecture not very important).
3. I recommend this class because it's so easy, can be interesting, and knocks out your diversity req. ^_^</p>