More Chance?

If I say I want to major in Chinese, but want to become a dentist, would it help my chances for getting accepted into a college or hurt my chances. Colleges might think that I have a stupid idea because Chinese and dentistry is not related, but it doesn’t matter what I major in for dental school in college and, if i can, I’m going to say, “I want to major in Chinese, but also become a dentist because a dentist who can speak another language well can diagnose more patients than a dentist who is only fluent in one language.” I know that declaring on majoring in Chinese is going to boost my admission chances, but also declaring for pre-dental and pre-med will hurt my chances.

Depends what school it is. Lots of schools nowadays pride themselves on being “interdisciplinary” so it would most likely be a strength on your application. Of course, depends what your grades/past experience is in Chinese and science classes.