More creative than 3 ring binders?

<p>Now that both kids have graduated and we've moved I'm faced with several boxes of high school memorabilia, report cards, certificates, application essays -you know the stuff- and I'm going through it, heavily editing but reluctant to dispose of all of it. I'd thought of trying to make a scrapbook for each of them last Christmas but obviously missed that deadline, not to mention having no experience of the medium since childhood, so am thinking of getting the 3" big binders and plastic sleeves to rationalize the remaining paper. I'd like to give the stuff to DD's thereby relinquishing all responsibility but both are on the move so may have to provide storage too for a while.
But the binders seem so lacking in creativity .... so I wondered ....what else could I do? Has anyone come up with a creative idea they'd be willing to share?</p>

<p>A beautiful box to fill with these paper memories now (and the daughter can add college memories as she sees fit).</p>

<p>Could be a fabric-covered box, plain wood that has been painted, etc.
With two daughters, it is nice to make the boxes alike, yet with little differences.</p>

<p>Have fun!</p>

<p>They have K12 memory books where each page is also a sleeve & you could tuck in report cards, certificates, etc. </p>

<p>I also planned on doing a scrapbook for each D with pictures etc. from each year of school. Maybe I'll do that for next Christmas...along with the T-shirt quilt and the family recipe book ;)</p>

<p>Just found these & they look great to me. Maybe I'll order two of each and give myself another project I won't get to for years: Organized</a> for Student Success, Part 5: Organize Their School Memories In Order for Life</p>

<p>Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Gives me some alternative ideas. Hahaha, RobD, I see our list for next Christmas lengthening! I didn't manage the t-shirt quilt, but did make a t-shirt pillow when my arm was twisted! As for the family recipe book .......</p>

<p>Antiscrapbooker here. Organize the preK through HS materials into perhaps an accordian file or other boxes. Make it easy for them to go through the original material without adding to the pile with extra paper. Also- why are YOU doing this? It should be something they get to go through and make the judgements on what should be saved and discarded from HS- unless you override decisions to keep final report cards and such. It is their life in stuff, not yours. If you need the space or are moving soon make them go through it. Spend your time and energy creating a cookbook with all of those recipes from home, especially the unwritten ones.</p>

<p>I bought 2 plastic bins---one for each kid. As I come across things that I think they might get a kick out of viewing years from now, I throw it in the appropriate bin. When they set up their own home, they'll get to take the bin with them.</p>

<p>I have bins also.</p>

<p>Ever since my kids started preschool we had "keep it" boxes (bins actually, the large plastic ones). All 3 of mine still refer to their "keep it" boxes. I think they all have 2 boxes each. And I started a "keep it" box for me of things they gave me. :)</p>

<p>For me, if I get it thrown in the box, I'm doing good. Can't/won't get much more fancy than that!</p>

<p>I have bins too! Did get a fancier box lately to replace one though.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I've written 2 longish posts which have somehow been lost so am frustrated and remembering why I post so rarely. Does this happen to anyone else? I sign in, write my post and then when I try to post it get the message that I need to sign in again. By which time there's no sign of my previous literary endeavors and I give up. I'll see if this works today.</p>

<p>Onetogo2, I always click the little box that keeps me logged in all the time (unless I delete cookies) - that might help.</p>

<p>Aha, it worked :). So here's roughly what I wrote twice last night ....I like the box/bin ideas since they would be less constricting than the binder and also have the advantage of convenient stackability given that I'm probably going to be stuck with storage for a while longer.
And to answer your question wis75 as to why I'm doing it and not leaving it for the little darlings - I'm really seeing it as a gift to them. I'm not really making decisions as to what to keep (any more than I've already done along the way) rather going through and getting rid of extraneous paper that has crept in eg explanation packages from the counselor etc., and trying to put it into a logical order. It's driven in part too by a recent move from a largish house to small apartment so space constraints are considerable, and I have time to rationalize a bit. It may also be an easier task than the next one on my list which is to go through the letters I've been carrying around since the '70's and try to figure out what I want to do with them. I've already decided to throw out any from people who I have no recollection of :)!</p>

<p>Thanks, abasket, I'll try that.</p>