More Future in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering?


<p>I'm a freshman undergrad and I'm currently studying Biomedical Mechanical Engineering. To be honest I wish I was able to study a biomedical version of electrical instead, but my school doesn't offer it. Thing is I'm considering switching into core electrical engineering from my program but I'm concerned about the future of electrical engineering and available job opportunities. I will be planning to get a Masters degree regardless of the field I pick. However I'm still interested on which field has a better future and salary prospects? Mechanical or Electrical. Interest is not an issue since I have interests in areas of both.</p>

<p>Also its possible I just have the wrong idea about biomedical mechanical engineering. Can any of you guys that know what its about state what a grad would do? I found that you would be designing thinks like wheel chairs but I'm not sure if that is really true.</p>

<p>so, anybody know?</p>

<p>Both have jobs. Both have some subfields which are more active than others. Do what interests you more. I don’t think one form of engineering necessarily has more of a future than another.</p>

<p>A lot of CCers said that BME undergraduate holders might have hard time finding BME positions. For that reason I actually went to a BME professor the other day ,and he said the same thing, and he urged his students to get a graduate study!!!</p>

<p>If that statement is true (I got it from one source), and that you want to attend a graduate study already, then it’s better to do either ME or EE at undergraduate level. At least you have a solid fall back.</p>

<p>my program basically is a mechanical engineering program. Just specialized in design of biomedical mechanical devices like artificial organs, for example.</p>

So you actually like the things EE does? Is that your implication?
If so, you should go with your interest instead.</p>



<p>Hardly what I would call dim. They are still growing, just not at an exceedingly fast rate. Contrast that with many fields that are shrinking in this economy.</p>

<p>Every year I say this:
DS (ME '06) works in robotic limbs.
Cousin (ME '66) designs heart values.</p>

<p>both kinda fell into the job because 1. They knew that they could do it. and 2. Being at the right place/right time.</p>

<p>such devices, colleges can not teach.</p>

<p>If EE and ME majors can’t find jobs, there would be something seriously wrong with the country…</p>

<p>Starting salary for EE is around $60k on average…there are jobs.</p>