More "I wish I knew" and advice...

<p>Just thought I'd add on some of my own thoughts:</p>

<p>-Information is the most valuable commodity at Dartmouth. Learn where you can get money (COSO, OPAL, Dickey Center, SIPS); ask questions of administrators, professors, upperclassmen; read flyers, blitz bulletins and all your blitzes.</p>

<p>-The Career Center is the most important building on (well, techincally off) campus. Get to know it BEFORE you think about corporate recruiting/internships/graduation!</p>

<p>-NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. It's okay to blitz someone you don't know but would like to (I've met a lot of friends this way). Talk to your professors, alumns, any and everyone. After information, people are your most valuable resource.</p>

<p>-Do lots of stuff. I mean go out of your way to try new clubs and go to events. Go to a meeting of a group you want to know more about. Go to shows at the HOP, or to dinner discussions/meetings. The more people you can meet the better, and you'll learn something new.</p>

<p>-Take advantage of the beautiful outdoors and the seasons. Snowshoe, skate, hike, climb, cliffdive, whatever.</p>

<p>-Have those conversations where you stay up all night, regardless of having classes that day. Those are the ones you remember forever.</p>

<p>-Collis pasta has a long line for a reason... it's worth it. Collis also has the best salad bar.</p>

<p>-Make friends with your local janitor and S&S officers. You have no idea how useful these relationships may be one regretful day.</p>

<p>-There is SO MUCH FREE FOOD to be had. Sophomore year I went nearly two terms never eating dinner in a DDS establishment. Buy tupperware from Topside and clean up after meetings. I've also joined and enjoyed a lot of clubs because I first went for the food.</p>

<p>-Get a second opinion after going for any serious treatment at Dick's House.</p>

<p>-Living in an affinity house is always a great option, no matter who you are! It also might be a good idea if you got a bad housing number.</p>

<p>-North Hall gets an unfairly bad rap. Great location, and about the only dorm on campus that feels like a home.</p>

<p>-Hang out in the Choates after freshman year. It's always fun to meet first-years.</p>

<p>-Be a UGA, or get to know a lot of UGAs. Do stuff with their floors.</p>

<p>-Dropping a class may be the best decision you ever make. A four class term, no matter how awesome you are, will be the worst term of your life.</p>

<p>-Make time for your friends! You can always just blitz someone to get a meal.</p>

<p>-Love Dartmouth by challenging it and asking tough questions. Make it the Dartmouth you want to be at. Apathy is the worst thing about this school</p>

<p>printing this for reference - thanks</p>

<p>thanks for the info</p>

<p>Haha, that's sounds like such a nice school. I'd really like to be able to go there when it's my turn at college ;)</p>

<p>However, what would you say is the most popular major there? The least popular? What are Dartmouth's strongest majors?</p>

<p>Econ and government are the most popular. Not really sure what's least popular though.</p>