More important GPA or research?

<p>I am a junior civil engineering student, I want to ask which is more important, GPA or research experience?
How much research would I need to get into a top 20 grad school? I haven't did any research at the moment, but plan on start during the semester.</p>


<p>Research by far. GPA can hurt if too low (<3.0 or so) though.</p>

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<p>IMO it’s a catch 22. Yes, research is probably more important but a weak GPA (<B+ average) might create a stigma or negative bias to the adcoms, even if you did some research. If the GPA is the first thing they see you definitely want to make sure it’s strong (3.5+) so you’re on good footing, because they may use GPA to weed people out. Research and how important what you’re doing is, is kind of subjective anyway.</p>