more "laid-back" LACs?

<p>Wesleyan, Smith, Hampshire, Reed...</p>

<p>Reed definitely fits that description.</p>

<p>Grinnell College
Beloit College
Kalamazoo College
The College of Wooster
Lewis and Clark College
Evergreen State College
University of Puget Sound
Pitzer College</p>

<p>Also look at Allegheny. It is pretty middle of the road socially and politically so lots of people feel comfortable there across the spectrum.</p>

<p>Warren Wilson is BEAUTIFUL and very laid back....what an amazing setting for a school!</p>

<p>In terms of caring how they looked, we noticed the biggest difference between students at colleges in the NE and those in the midwest or northwest. It also made a difference if the colleges were in cities or smaller towns/rural settings.</p>

<p>More Schools like Goucher, Ithaca<a href="liberal%20arts%20colleges%20in%20the%20East,%201270/4.0W,%20good%20academics%20but%20with%20a%20%22laid-back%22%20atmosphere">/u</a></p>

<p>Oberlin (as a reach)</p>

<p>St. Mary's College of Maryland (beautiful waterfront campus, solid academics, public)
Guilford College
College of Wooster
---- (schools below have unusual/unconventional curriculum plans) ----
New College of Florida
Hampshire College
Marlboro College
Warren Wilson College</p>

<p>Schools previously mentioned that don't quite meet the criteria:</p>

<p>Reed (too far, too selective, too academically intense to be called "laid back")
Pomona (too far, way too selective)
Haverford (too selective)
Wesleyan-CT (too selective)
Grinnell (too far ... maybe too selective and academically intense)</p>

<p>If you're willing to go that far, you might want to check out the test-optional Bates and Bowdoin, since your GPA is better than your scores.</p>

<p>Sarah Lawrence is another one you might really like that doesn't require scores (near NYC).</p>

<p>Bard is also test optional</p>

<p>Try Kenyon College (OH) and Lawrence University (WI).</p>

<p>Schools like Swarthmore and Wesleyan are anything but laid back. You can dress any way you want, but the people and the work are super intense.</p>