more "laid-back" LACs?

<p>I'm a junior and it's almost summer... and my list hardly deserves the title "list." Currently it's mainly Goucher. That's basically it, but I'm also considering Ithaca, Earlham, UVM. I'm looking for a LAC that's more "laid-back." Maybe this criteria is stupid... but I want to go somewhere where the students don't obsess over how they look, or don't really care at all about how they look; aren't extremely cliquey or judgemental; but also care about academics. Maybe I'm looking for something that doesn't exist, but...any suggestions?</p>

<p>Wesleyen, Oberlin, Haverford, Swarthmore, New College, Smith, Guilford</p>

<p>Try Bowdoin, Pomona, Wesleyan, Claremont McKenna.</p>

<p>I visited about 15 LACs with my son, and the prize for not caring about one's looks goes to Grinnell. As my wife remarked, "Doesn't anyone on this campus own a comb?" You might also check out Beloit.</p>

<p>Thank you all-I researched Beloit, loved it, but it's probably a little bit far. I'm looking mostly in the mid-Atlantic and some of the closer NE states.</p>

<p>Try Kalamazoo.</p>

<p>^ And that's in the mid-atlantic or NE states? LOL</p>

<p>it's ok, I looked at Kalamazoo and liked it, but it's a little far. Also I think it's a reach for me. I think most things are... as a student, I look pretty bad compared to all the other users on CC ...</p>

<p>Bard might fit the bill.</p>

<p>Bennington? It might be a little far, though. How about Sarah Lawrence?</p>

<p>GPA: 4.5 weighted/4.0 scale
SAT: 1270 first try
tons of community service, but not many leadership things (school has no clubs, no presidents, etc.)
school doesn't rank</p>

<p>^Is that 1270/2400 or 1270/1600? If it's the former then your options are going to be significantly limited.</p>

<p>The Evergreen State College is everything you described in your first post. And it's relatively easy to get in but very difficult to stay and make it cos it really is sink or swim - all up to you. Sooner or later, this college is going to be one of the top group of LACs.</p>

<p>As sunmachine says, Grinnell for laid back culture-but intense academics. It's that understated midwestern vibe plus a culture of quirky individualism (to use two of the buzz words often associated with Grinnell).</p>

<p>check out Colleges That Change Lives schools in that area.
for sure Oberlin kids don't care WHAT you look like! Very open to anyone and all being who they are, what could be better than that?!</p>

<p>One daughter is headed to Earlham. Great school, laid back attitude. Very public service oriented.</p>

<p>Forgot to add, FWIW, same daughter visited Bard, and she thought that the people there were totally self-absorbed. May have been who she met, who knows?</p>

<p>Ursinus ( a CTCL) -- I graduated from there eons ago & we went to class in pjs -- Fast forward to my last visit in spring 2009 -- kids still going to class in pjs.</p>

<p>Very non-competitive environment, that is "co-operative."</p>

<p>1270 out of 1600, 1900 out of 2400</p>

<p>I think you should check out Warren Wilson. Possibly Hampshire.</p>