More money in state or OOS

<p>I was wondering if you you can get more financial aid from UC's and Cal States or from Out of state privates? I live in CA.</p>

<p>Private schools don't care about in-state or out-of-state.</p>

<p>The UCs have a good need-based aid policy (Blue and Gold Program) - but not much merit aid.</p>

<p>Yes....the Blue and Gold promise is good for those coming from Calif families that earn under $80k and have financial need. If your family earns more than that, it can be more difficult to get decent aid at a Calif public.</p>

<p>But to answer your question...some privates give great aid, some give lousy aid.</p>

<p>^^^^^ Exactly. Private schools generally need full financials and they get to decide how much aid they want to give. A lot depends on the school, your need and how attractive you are too the school. Two students with the same GPA, SAT scores, financial details etc. may not get the same aid. One may get grants and other loans. Other factors like major, first generation college student, state of origin can play a part in the aid package.</p>