More reasons to not participate in FPF

<p>Is anyone else in my situation? I am an admit for Spring 2005 and I am in the College of Engineering. The classes in FPF are classes that fulfill breadth requirements for the College of Letters and Science. If I do plan to be in FPF, the only classes that would fulfill the GE requirements foe CoE would be math, english and that's about it.. (unless I missed something)</p>

<p>A big reason for wanting to be in FPF anyways is because of dorms- you only get to live in the dorms for 2 years, something probably you won't get to experience ever again in your life. Missing the first semester of dorms makes me seem like I am missing out on a lot.</p>

<p>Now it seems like going to a Community College for the first semester is better.</p>


<p>Last year, Cal was able to place all spring admits into dorms, but it was late..... There is always history and poli sci, and many other fantastic inttro courses, such as sociology, psych, econ, etc.</p>

<p>Go, and enjoy Coach Tedford, and fall in Strawberry Canyon.</p>

<p>anyone else in my situation?</p>