More rigorous high school schedule?

<p>I am currently a sophomore and planning my high school schedule for my junior and senior years. Which is stronger for college applications?</p>

<p>OPTION #1:
Junior - analysis honors, ap chemistry, ap computer science, us history, humanities honors, physics 1a, economics
Senior - bc calculus, ap physics c, ap statistics, ap macroeconomics, sociology, sports literature</p>

<p>OPTION #2:
Junior - analysis honors, ap computer science, ap us history, humanities honors, physics 1a, economics, school magazine
Senior - bc calculus, ap physics c, ap chemistry, sociology, sports literature, school magazine </p>

<p>I do admit that these are very similar schedules, but the slight differences are extremely important to me. Keep in mind that I am also on the varsity soccer team and doing our school magazine 2 years in a row (as shown in option #2) will earn me an editor position. (This is important because our school magazine is very prestigious and award-winning!)</p>

<p>Which option do you think I should take and why? Do you have any other schedule suggestions based off these classes? Any input is appreciated!!! Thanks!</p>

<p>P.S. I am also planning to major in Computer Science, so that is why I would like my schedule to be very strong in the maths and sciences.</p>

<p>Option #2, be more well rounded, and it would be so cool to be an editor.</p>

<p>I vote option 1. AP Chem and AP Physics together sounds like a killer. Are they both lab courses? If so, you may be over scheduled with Option 2.</p>


<p>gimme dat 10char</p>

<p>the two options are sufficiently indistinguishable that it is hard to imagine that your choice will have an impact on your admissions.</p>

<p>take whichever one you think you will enjoy the most.</p>