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<p>I consider myself to be a jocky nerd. I am not a great athlete, but I am neither a clutz, and used to be a ranked tennis player a few years ago until I blew out my elbow from overuse. I workout 4 times a week, and sprint for track and field. That being said, I'm not a top 3 sprinter on my team, and I am concerned much more with my studies than my athletics. With so many jocks at williams (34% V) would I be accepted as a friend by most people on campus, or would I feel forced to hang out with either bookish people, or more of the jock crowd, and which group would i be more likely to gravitate towards. I know its a kind of strange question, but considering that I am applying to Williams early and i love everything about the school, i'm just hoping someone can perhaps shed some light</p>

<p>I was concerned about similar issues when my kid (not a jock) went to Williams a few years ago. More globally, I was concerned that Williams might be a "jocks v. nerds" fractured place, since it is such a sportsy place. But from what I can see, have no fear. My son's friends include current v. athletes, ex-athletes, totally non-athletes, all of whom hang out together. Also true of left v. right, future wall street v. future academics, even gay v. straight, amazingly enough. Basically, he has great friends from all segments of the community, whose sole common identifier seems to be energy and/or ambition.</p>

<pre><code> Very interesting place, Williams...

<p>What oldcrs said...</p>

<p>The OP sounds like a very typical eph, to me. My senior was a varsity athlete for her first two years, got tired of it, and is now just a broomball player/ultimator and loves every minute. Oh, and she skis like a fiend.</p>

<p>Third parent chiming in here. “Jocky nerd” sounds just right. I know those statistics that keep getting paraded around but in fact of my son’s inner circle of, say, around 20 kids only 2 or 3 are varsity athletes. </p>

<p>The others are definitely physically active. They climb mountains, play intramural soccer, jog, snowboard, swing dance, sail, workout. In short you won’t find many couch potatoes at Williams but the serious athletes mix readily with everyone else.</p>

<p>thanks everyone for the input.</p>