More than 10 schools?

<p>I filled out my FAFSA but it only has room for 10 schools. What about the other ones I applied to?</p>

<p>Third thread on this in a week...wait til you get the email that your SAR has been processed then go back in, delete the original 10, add the other codes, resubmit. When you go back in to revise your numbers to final, repeat in reverse order!</p>

<p>Sorry for the repeat. I just freaked out momentarily. Thank you.</p>

<p>You're welcome, and not a problem...just wish we had a FAQ sticky for FAFSA issues here!</p>

<p>This is a dumb question, but should you send your FAFSA to all the schools you're applying to (through the listing process on the FAFSA website)? I thought the answer was yes, but I just went on one of D's LAC and all they ask for is CSS Profile.</p>

<p>Most schools DO require the the school website to be sure. Principia College does not require the FAFSA. That is the only one I know of that does not. But that doesn't mean there aren't others.</p>

<p>Thanks Thumper1 -- next stupid question -- I had filled CSS Profile 2010-2010 for D when she was applying ED in November because it was the only version available. Now I'm realizing I have to fill out the 2011-2012 version. Is there a way to "convert" or upload the info from the 2010-2011 Profile or do I have to re-enter?</p>

<p>Sk8rmom: We filed the FAFSA yesterday, but when will we receive an email about the "SAR" report? We want to add additional schools, but will we have to wait several days to do that?</p>

<p>Classes, you will have to do the 11/12 version but it shouldn't take as long since some of the basic info will be pre-filled from the 10/11 one (you'll see once she logs in).</p>

<p>Bluestone, in my experience it's usually 1-2 days for the first SAR. Make sure you check it over carefully before you amend to edit point in going through the entire exercise more times than necessary!</p>

I had filled CSS Profile 2010-2010 for D when she was applying ED in November because it was the only version available


<p>That's odd...the 2011-2012 Profile was available in October 2010. </p>

<p>If you filed the 2010-2011 Profile, the school would likely NOT have used it at all as it is for the CURRENT school year. Did that ED school even PROCESS your financial aid request? My guess would be no.</p>

<p>I believe the Profile will spill in the demographic info (name, birthdate, etc) from a previously completed profile...but you will need to reenter everything else.</p>

<p>^My mistake -- you're right -- I thought I had done 2010-2011 but it was actually 2011-2012, so now I can just add my schools and submit (and, of course, pay $16 a pop for the privilege...).</p>

<p>So now I...wait for my SAR; go in to FAFSA, delete my 10 schools, add some more, send out FAFSA, do my 2010 returns, amend FAFSA and CSS accordingly, and compy with each school's financial aid requirements? Is that it?</p>