More than Double Graduate Body than Undergrad

<p>According to Wikipedia, Columbia has around 17,000 Grad students, whereas the undergrad is around 7,000, that is more than Double the Grad to Undergrad ratio. I might want to go there for Grad school, but I was wondering if anyone is currently there and knows. Where are all these Grad students from what departments? I can only imagine that the med school and law school have maybe 2,000 total, where else do all these numbers come from?</p>

<p>Moreover, how is the student life there? Do people party or really get involved and hang out a lot? Is it a huge social scene? I am extroverted and came from a real social undergrad so I was wondering if this is the case in Columbia. I think it might be more reserved, so let me know.</p>

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<p>some misnomers about the ugrads - it includes the BSN which is a second bachelor's degree program, and it includes the postbac students of general studies. it does not include barnard which total would increase the population over 10k for ugrads. it also does not include teacher's college which would increase the total grad population by 4k.</p>

<p>but as you see there is a med and law school, and a biz school, and an arch school, and a journalism school, and a school of social work, public health, school of the arts, an international/policy school, and a school of dentistry. i mean there are lot of specialized faculty most of which neither deal with nor impact the nature of undergraduate education. i know this part may not interest you - but for the folks who read this thread it is important to note.</p>

<p>as for the life - it is your choice, most of the professional schools party a lot together, i'd say the arch, school of the arts, and phd programs are the most introverted.</p>