<p>any other finalists looking forward to the scholars weekend??</p>

<p>jw, does being a morehead finalist mean you're definitely accepted to the university?</p>

<p>I would assume so....</p>

<p>I'm not really sure though because I'm from in-state, so it's not nearly as competitive for me.</p>

<p>displacednewyorker: I noticed on some other threads that you've applied to Yale (your first choice?) and also see that you made finalist for the Morehead at UNC. Big diffrence between UNC and Yale. What will you do if you get the Morehead and get into Yale? Just curious</p>

<p>That would be a huge toss-up. The more I look into it though, the more I think that I would choose the Morehead. A lot of people actually choose the Morehead over UNC because of all of the amazing opportunities it gives you... but I haven't been accepted for either one yet, so I still have several months of waiting to do...</p>

<p>I was named Morehead Finalist also. I got deferred single-choice EA from Stanford and I applied to 5 Ivies, but I would still choose the Morehead at UNC over any of the other schools (one would be a fool not to). However, I don't know if I'd choose UNC if it wasn't for the Morehead.</p>

<p>where are you from?</p>

<p>Hickory, NC. And you?</p>

<p>I'm from Charlotte. if you want i'll pm you my screenname so we'll know someone before the scholars weekend</p>

<p>Hey..DisplacedNYer and mradio..and others of you who are finalists, I'm curious...aside from the usual great grades, test scores, etc...what kind of EC's do you have? Lots of good works/community service? What does it take to make it to finalist?</p>

<p>My son is a first year Morehead who turned down Yale after being accepted SCEA last year. There are at least two other members of his Morehead class that also turned down Yale as well as others that turned down Harvard and Stanford among the other " more prestigious " schools. </p>

<p>As parents it was a difficult decision since Yale had been his "dream school" since ninth grade but the decision was ultimately his. I have long gotten over being able to put a Yale sticker in the back window of my car because I have never seen him as happy as he is at UNC. He has absolutley no regrets, loves UNC and Chapel Hill and says his friends (many of whom are Moreheads and Roberstons) are "absolutley amazing people." He has also remained friends with several people he met at finalists weekend that didn't become Moreheads including several from NC that ended up going to other schools. One in fact who lives near Chapel Hill, came by to see him while we were moving in in August.</p>

<p>You will find that turning down schools like HYPS is not uncommon for those accepting a Morehead. The grad and professional schools as well as employers regard Moreheads as equals to those graduating from HYP and in many cases ahead of them because of life experiences that the Morehead provides. This is not from the PR that goes with the Morehead but from talking to graduating seniors as well as alums that contacted him after he was named a Scholar. It is an amazing experience.</p>

<p>Take time to talk to your student hosts about their decisions when you go to Finalists Weekend. They will be primarly first year Moreheads and will only be one year removed from your situation. They can and will tell you what being a Morehead means, although you'll also find that they are a pretty humble group. They don't wear their awards on their sleeves and many of their friends and acquaintances on campus who aren't Moreheads don't know that they are. They just choose not to make a big deal about it which I guess is one of the qualities that the Morehead looks for.</p>

<p>Enjoy Finalists Weekend, it seems like just yeterday that we were anxiously awaiting him going and hearing about his impressions of UNC and the Morehead.</p>

<p>I am set up for private messaging if you have any questions you'd rather ask that way.</p>

<p>Good luck to all of you and congratulations because it is an honor just being named a finalist.</p>

<p>Thanks eadad. I have read before your postings on your son. How wonderful for him, and congratulations. I am not a finalist myself, nor was I in the running. However, I have known people who were--those who were ultimately awarded and those who weren't. I am well aware of how prestigious the award is, and that students regularly turn down the Ivies for this scholarship. My question, though, and I'll be more specific--what do you feel might be a common thread among the finalists? Great academics, leadership potential, great ec's are all a given, obviously...but presumbly, by the time one is given the school nomination, or makes it to the interviews, these attributes are a given. What is the common thread, though (if any) among the finalists and ultimate Morehead Scholars? Like the Ivies, do they only seek out those who have made a national impact (as opposed to local?), or those who are great athletes (nationally ranked athlete, for instance?) Those who have gone to poverty-stricken countries and built houses? Published a book? Any common thread at all? Thanks.</p>


<p>Great question. I wish I knew the answer. My son describes his friends as being "weird like me" which when I pressed him on he said that they all are amazing people with very diverse interests that really can't be put in a box, which I guess is really the thing that does distinguish them.</p>

<p>There is no "common thread" as far as typecasting or strerotyping them that I have seen beyond the fact that they all seem to be incredible, multi-talented, outgoing kids who understand how to balance work and study while still having a lot of fun and being really involved and incredibly busy. They seem to innately know how to get the most out of their time at UNC which is I am sure exactly what they did in high school as well. </p>

<p>The one thing that I can discern is that they all have a way of "quietly leading" others whether by example, personality, whatever. They seem to have a way to draw people to them without trying and most seem to have large circles of friends and acquaintances. Going back to what I said earlier, they are all quite humble about being Moreheads and work hard to not draw attention to themselves.</p>

<p>The Morehead was founded to bring "leaders" to UNC and the four main attributes they look for in the finalists are the "ability to lead others, scholarship and extracurriculars, moral force of character, and athletic vigor." Just looking at the desired characterisics in and of itself paints a pretty broad stroke and points to that diverse personality that I mentioned earlier.</p>

<p>I hope that helps a little. We've only met a few of his friends since we didn't attend parents' weekend but knowing him and listening to his stories over break and seeing the multiple phone calls he received, literally from around the world over the holidays, I am quite sure he has made the right decision and is having the time of his life.</p>

<p>Thanks, eadad. I am simply curious..really... about all types of merit scholarships like this (not solely athletic-based), and since this board had a few students named finalists, I thought they might be able to articulate why <em>they</em> thought they might have been tapped for this. Obviously not. But I do appreciate your own articulate and thoughtful answer. (I think <em>you</em> might have made an excellent Morehead Scholar!--so maybe 'like father, like son' ?) And, by the way, perhaps the students who couldn't/wouldn't answer my question should actually think about it. Who knows...they might be asked that very question (some variation of .. Why do you think you are here?) in interviews! Thanks again.</p>

<p>jack, i pmed you... did you not get it?</p>

<p>Hi DisplacedNYer... No, I didn't. Maybe on its way? Thanks.</p>

<p>hmm... i sent it to you on monday. i just forwarded it to you again though, so if you don't get it today, just pm me and i'll e-mail to you.</p>

<p>i just don't really like posting a bunch of stuff on boards (it seems kind of arrogant to me so i'd rather just send it to you)</p>

<p>Thanks, Displaced... Understandable..but you deserve to brag! I'll keep my eye out for it, though.</p>

<p>Hey DisplacedNewYorker,
My AIM is Wrestler 613. I'm not on too much, but holler at me if you see me online. I'm definitely excited for the Finalists Weekend after seeing the schedule of events.</p>