Morningside Heights

<p>This is going to sound really, really stupid considering that I'm a New Yorker, but I live in Queens, not Manhattan, so give me a break. How bad/dangerous is the area around Columbia? I haven't visited it yet (going tomorrow probabley), and hearing that it's right by Harlem scares me a little. My mother, who lived in Manhattan about nineteen years ago says that as long as I'm not out alone late at night I'll be fine, but can anyone give me a more modern idea of how safe the area around Columbia is? Thanks.</p>

<p>"as long as I'm not out alone late at night I'll be fine"</p>

<p>Isn't that the general rule for Manhattan as a whole?</p>

<p>You'll find out when you get there, and then you won't be saying it "scares me a little" any more.</p>

<p>manhattan is the safest big city in america.</p>

<p>Adding to soho's comments, Morningside Heights is the 2nd safest precinct in New York City.</p>

<p>when i visited our tour leader mentionend all of the security precautions they have. there are emergency telephones everywhere, uniformed police vicible at most times, and if you really need to stay out late they have an escort service back to your dorm.</p>

<p>when you get there you'll see columbia seems as if it is completely seperated from everything around; there are even trees and grass!</p>

<p>Morningside Heights is perfectly safe. Just don't walk in Riverside or Morningside Park at night. Other than that, it's fine.</p>

<p>Wow! I went and looked at the campus today, and I couldn't tell that I was in the middle of Manhattan other than when I was at the gate to the street outside. It seems like the neighborhood directly surrounding Columbia is a nice mix of college town and big city. It also seems almost as safe as the area around other, more suburban campuses. As for Harlem (which I passed through on my way to Columbia), although I definitely wouldn't want to walk crosstown in the middle of the night, I certainly has improved since before Guiliani and Bloomberg. The dorms there (I was shown a room in Carmen) were actually pretty nice, and a lot bigger than those at the one other college I toured (SUNY Stony Brook). The guy at the information session seemed really knowledgable and totally honest, but my tour was really pointless since the tourguide was practically whispering. I definintely think I want to go to Columbia!</p>

<p>probably safer than queens...</p>

<p>I don't consider Morningside Heights Harlem, despite what a lot of Columbia-bashers like to say. There are a lot of columbia students around, and it's pretty safe.</p>

<p>I agree most with steveistutor, stay out of the 2 nearby parks at night (Morningside and Riverside). Most crime that occurs in the area probably happens in those two parks (especially at night). Morningside Park seperates the neighborhood from Harlem, so it really isn't as close as it would seem on a map. Just take a look at this photo to see how much higher and away Morningside Heigths is than its neighbors to the east.</p>

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<p>I just visited Columbia and I have to say that I thought Morningside Heights was very safe... I saw policemen all over the place and I was impressed with the cleanliness and overall presentation of the school. My stereotypical view of "ghetto NYC" was really shattered on that trip, I'm really glad I saw it in person!</p>

<p>lol, im from queens too AND i used to live in manhattan for 10yrs.
just use common sense!
if you wanna go out late to get food or something, take a group of friends. dont visit the parks late, etc. just some basic rules.
also, there are worse parts of manhattan. some parts of harlem are actually quite nice.</p>

<p>I'm visiting Barnard and Columbia in the spring, so I'm glad to see this thread confirms just about everything I'd already heard. :)</p>

<p>Also, isn't Morningside Heights known for being really quiet? As far as Manhattan goes, that is. I would really love that.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice everyone. btw, pinkdillo, did you visit Columbia today (Wednesday) or yesterday? I might have been at the same tour/info session as you. I was there for yesterday's 10 am-12pm, and had the soft-spoken femenine guy as a tour guide.
As for staying out of the parks, I definitely agree with everyone. Even some parks in Queens and Nassau are a little unsafe at night, although I'm sure that they're nothing compared to Morningside and Riverside.</p>

<p>Nope I visited on August 3.... have to say I became smitten with Barnard. I would apply ED if I didn't have to compare financial aid so much!</p>

<p>Oh yeah, I remember the feminine guy! He was pretty funny, if I am permitted to say. I was visiting with my boyfriend and his family and so his dad decided to remark "WHAT A QUEER" really loudly. It was very embarrasing and not cool. Eh, whatever.</p>

<p>morningside heights and harlem are NOT the same area (contrary to what some people think). MH is the area west of 8th and north of 110th street-ish. harlem is the area north of 110th street but east of 8th avenue (directly north of central park). MH is extremely safe and it's the 2nd safest precinct in the city behind greenwich village (near nyu).</p>

<p>I wouldn't have been that upset if someone in my tour group had called the "femenine" guy a queer, at least it would've stopped him from flirting with the other "femenine" guy there who was taking the tour. I guess that could be kind of embarrassing, though, but I'm sure he gets made fun of a lot for his "flamboyant femininity." I definitely wouldn't want to have to live in a dorm with that guy for a year, so now my main concern with Columbia (other than getting in) is what I would do if I got a "feminine" guy as a roommate. If the administration didn't let me transfer to another room, I'd probabley just sleep on a park bench in Morningside Heights, since everyone says it's so safe. Or just take the train to school. :-)</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry about it too much.</p>

<p>metsfan, you just lost any respect I could ever have for you</p>

<p>No smiley face</p>