Mosher Jordan Dorm question

My D was placed in Mosher Jordan Hall which seems to be a very nice dorm. Does anyone know what the double room dimensions are? How aobut the bathrooms? Has anyone stayed there recently? Any information would be helpful I didn’t know if there was a specific U of M forum so I am posting here. If there is a specific U of M forum, can someone move this there and let me know how to find it?


The double dimensions vary. I know a lot of people who have lived there (including some of my best friends), so let me know if you have any other specific questions

@drjmom The dorms are known to be on the smaller side. But depending on the location inside the building, you do end up with different size and shapes, normally around 1212, 1214 for most of the doubles. My D’s room is at an odd location and is said to be 12*9 in the system, but in reality is a lot bigger. Bathrooms are hall bathrooms. They are cleaned daily and have lockers to put your toiletries in. The bathrooms are clean but not new or fancy. Laundry is in the basement. There is a laundry room ( 8 washers/dryers per room) on each side of the building. It is $1.25 to wash and $1 to dry. D said she never had to wait but she did all her laundries on weekdays. Weekends/Fridays might be busier. The location of MoJo is great and hope you DD enjoys it!

@yikesyikesyikes, did your friends have a good experience? I wanted MoJo bc I heard it was a nice dorm, with an excellent dining hall, the Victors, laundry, etc.

@whataboutcollege, I sent you a pm. Thank you!! I think there is laundry service at U of M so kids can just send their laundry there. I don’t think it is too expensive either:)


Yup - it is an excellent dorm at a great location. It does not have the newest amenities like West Quad or East Quad, but it does pretty well. My friends had a great time.

@yikesyikesyikes , is MoJo clean? I read that Markley has a bug problem:( It was renovated ten years ago so I am hoping it is updated!


For the most part, yes. Drain flies sometimes in the bathrooms, but I have not heard major instances of things like cockroaches (like at Markley).

@drjmom nooo… Don’t pamper your kid. Let them do their own laundry and not use a service. This is part of them growing up and trying to be independent. Trust me, if my son can do it then anyone can. Let them grow up. Plus it can be a social thing also.

@yikesyikesyikes, thank you for the message and ewww on drain flies! I had not heard that before about MoJo!

MoJo is a great dorm. The rooms are on the small side, but have hardwood floors and A/C. The common areas and study spaces are beautiful. The attached dining hall is also a big plus.

@dtrain1027, that is what I have heard. I heard Markley has the smallest rooms but most of the Hill dorms have small rooms. A/C was the best part of the whole assignment!!


I’m pretty sure it’s laminate and not hardwood flooring.

@dtrain1027, that is what I have heard. I heard Markley has the smallest rooms but most of the Hill dorms have small rooms. A/C was the best part of the whole assignment!!

My D lived in MoJo as part of WISE last year and loved it. The rooms are on the small side, but she loved the old feel of the building. She said the dining hall was good as well.

@ericzimm , I am on the Parent’s fb page and getting so much information! Sounds like all the dorms are small on the Hill but people really seem to love MoJo! That is great to hear!! Best to your daughter!