Mosquitoes in Durham?

<p>I'm a mosquito-magnet. Are there a lot of mosquitoes on campus....?</p>

<p>Well, it is definitely humid! I don't know where you're from originially, but North Carolina has a lot of mosquitoes because of the weather. But that is also the case for all of the southern states. In all honesty, nobody really notices.</p>

<p>Mosquitoes? Yes, there are bound to be mosquitoes. However, I've never really found them to be a problem even though I'm somewhat of a mosquito-magnet myself. Most of the time, I'm indoors while at Duke.</p>

<p>Yeah the mosquitoes were a bit of a shock, even coming from Wisconsin. You don't even need to be near water here for mosquitoes to be a pest during the summer.</p>

<p>only during the summer..they were not a problem at all during the school year</p>

<p>Echoing what the previous poster said... mosquitoes are pretty bad during the summer here, but I haven't had problems with them during the school year.</p>

<p>and you wouldn't be in Duke during the summer, would you?</p>

<p>Not unless you were doing summer classes, research, or other summer programs at Duke. Oh wait...that's actually a significant minority of the student body... Anyways, it'd be crazy to stay outside during the day in the summer for too long anyway, it's just too hot.</p>

<p>Thank you all! =) Guess I'll just have to go mosquito repellent shopping for the first few weeks of school.</p>