Most accurate online database to search for "schools which offer a major in X?"

Title. What’s the go-to site for this functionality please? (And yes I would of course verify directly on any school listed).


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For majors where you want external accreditation, the accrediting organization may be a good place to look. E.g. ABET for engineering majors, AACSB for business and accounting, NAAB for BArch architecture, etc…

For general searches, you can use College Navigator - National Center for Education Statistics and use the Programs / Majors search to find colleges with the desired major(s).

Be careful when significantly different majors have similar names. For example, “criminology” versus “criminal justice”, or “___ engineering” versus “___ engineering technology”.

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Thanks so much - extremely helpful!

Start here and then follow @ucbalumnus 's advice.


Filter by major on the left (scroll down).

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Thank you both!