Most durable laptop

<p>Hey guys! </p>

<p>So, I don't treat my laptops badly /on purpose/ but I live a rough life for a laptop (lots of traveling in a backpack, often there is a need to whip my laptop out on the spur to take notes in the field, etc.). </p>

<p>My Sony Vaoi has seen some hard times and after 3 yrs I am looking into getting a more durable PC. Unfortunately, I don't have enough money for a Toughbook or similar product. My budget is around $700 (possibly up to $800). </p>

<p>Computing power isn't all that important to me - I type, surf the net, and stream and download movies/songs. Don't play video games or any of that.</p>

<p>Suggestions? I've heard IBM (er, Lenovo now?) Thinkpads are good; is this true? Anything else I should look into?</p>

<p>In order of preference:
Dell Latitude E-series
Lenovo Thinkpad T-series (and R-series if you don't mind the weight)
HP EliteBook (hella expensive)</p>

<p>The general idea is to get a true business-class laptop. They're designed to be hauled around. I've dropped my Thinkpad T500 over 20 times in the last 2yr and there are only superficial blemishes.</p>

<p>Definitely Lenovo Thinkpads.</p>

<p>Of enterprise/consumer laptops: Definitely Lenovo Thinkpads</p>

<p>But those are not the most durable you can buy. Gammatech Durabook D14 and other Gammatech Durabooks are military grade laptops. Basically search for military grade if you want the best.</p>