Most effective way to prepare for the ACT?

<p>Hey I am a rising senior. I'm going to be taking the September ACT. The past two times i've gotten 29's (one was with the essay, one without). I know this is a good score, but I would like to get into the thirties. Most of my wrong answers are careless mistakes. I'm pretty discouraged and in need of advice seeing that i've gotten the same score twice... Can anyone help? I'd really appreciate it.</p>

<p>I'm also taking the September ACT, but my highest score is a 27. Previously I received the scores 25, 24, 26 and i think practice is what really helped me out. If I were you, I would not push studying aside. Practice is KEY to improving your score. You have time to improve your score, so i suggest taking one week and doing 2 or 3 practice tests for each subject everyday and then go through each practice test after you take one and see what you did right and what you did wrong. This is both encouraging and helpful and VERY beneficial. But make sure you make an extra effort to improve in your weakest area. For example, science is my weakest area and after I practiced, i brought my subscore up from a 19-20 to a 25. </p>

<p>Best of luck on your next try!</p>

<p>Practice, practice, practice. By taking practice tests you will reduce mental fatigue during hte actual test, become more comfortable with taking the test, and get opportunities to go over questions you have gotten wrong. Since you are tkaing it in September, you don't have much time...I recommend getting an ACT book and just plowing through the grammar section; you might pick up some new grammar rules. Take a lot of rpactice tests and go over all your wrong answers. It should help.</p>