Most embarrassing moments in college?

<p>What have been your most embarrassing moments in college? I thought this might be a fun discussion. Any good stories?</p>

<p>First day of my Freshman year I told some guy in my dorms elevator I was a sophomore out of fear of being hazed. Little did I know that guy would end up living next to me the rest of the year, now we just look back and laugh at it.</p>

<p>A group of these guys that I think (apparently) don't have a meal plan tricked me into their "sponsorship program" which I was gullible enough to fall for-- they tried to make me pay for their meals ...but I said deuces and left them at the register, ha.</p>

<p>I think it's something they do to unsuspecting freshman...but it's not cool at all.</p>

<p>My creepy neighbor stole my keys last semester, so I had to copy my roommates at Wal Mart (except for the front door fob). I ended up having to loiter casually outside the building until someone would come out or go in.</p>

<p>Thank God she dropped the keys in my washing machine a month later.</p>

<p>Probably tripping like 10 times on campus. And it's not like a small fall that you can laugh off; it's like body catapult lol</p>

<p>I was in my professor's office asking him about how I could improve my grade in his class. Next thing I know, I'm feeling light-headed and my throat is closing up. I thought I needed to puke, but instead I fainted. When I came to, I felt reallllllllllly stupid.</p>

<p>reallllllllllly stupid.....???</p>

<p>First meal by myself in the cafeteria, I dropped my whole tray and broke two plates.</p>