most engaging professors in English and other departments

Who are the favorite professors at Denison

I’m sure you’d get different answers from different students. My kid checked “rate my professor” for general reputation, it’s not gospel truth, but often gets you a general sense of strengths if you are choosing between, say, 8 different sections of Intro Psych or Econ. In English, Margot Singer and Freddy Porcheddu are well known and loved, and I’ve heard great things about Peter Grandbois. In Philosophy, Mark Moller has a great reputation, and in Poli Sci, Katz and Djupe are demanding but fair. Gary Baker in German and International Studies is a fav among my kid’s friends. But truly, after 4 years, so 32 classes, my kid enjoyed all but about 1-2 profs, and loved many of them.

I have no idea who the overall favorite professors are, but my son, who just finished his first year at Denison, really enjoyed almost all of his professors, from the long-time senior faculty members to the up-and-coming visiting professors. We’ve been particularly impressed with how effectively his professors pivoted to an online environment. I sat in on a number of those lectures, and I was thoroughly engaged. My son also uses Rate My Professor for general reputation.

My DD1 and her wife both loved Porcheddu