Most Important Aspects of the Application

<p>What do Harvard admission officers most value in an application (rank the following): AP Scores, SAT General Score, SAT Subject Tests, GPA, Rank, EC's, Volunteering, National/International Awards, Essays, Leadership, Sports, Senior Course Load, Recommendation Letters, and Interview. If two aspects are on equal level, it's okay to put them as the same rank. (In your opinion of course). *If I'm missing an important part of the application, add that to the ranking. </p>

<p>It’s not a “most value” kind of thing. Harvard values students that are good “all-rounders” meaning successful applicants have:</p>

<li>A high GPA with demonstrated course rigor</li>
<li>Stellar teacher recommendations indicating strength of character as well as scholastic ability</li>
<li>A thought provoking interesting essay</li>
<li>Top test scores, including AP, SAT/ACT and SAT Subject Tests</li>
<li>Awards, Honors, Achievements</li>
<li>Extracurriculars demonstrating a long term commitment to something outside of the classroom </li>
<li>A postive interview report</li>

<p>According to the Common Data Set, Harvard does not consider rank. </p>

<p>I’ve listed what I think is the order of importance, but William Fitzsimmons has said the importance of each element within a file varies from student to student, meaning that one student could get admitted because of his above-the line EC’s, while another student gets admitted because of his above the-line teacher recs, or essays, or awards etc. </p>

<p>Bottom Line: With 30,000+ applications and about 1,660 available beds, Harvard is looking for students that have it all . . . and then something else, something special, unique. That “something else” is going to vary from student to student.</p>