Most likely major? Undecided...?

<p>Is it looked down upon to answer "undecided" in the application?</p>

<p>I doubt it, especially since they can’t really blame a teenager for being undecided about their major. Besides, they probably care more about academic interests in general than your specific major. But even if I’m wrong, don’t worry about it. It’ll definitely not be the make-it-or-break-it part of your application.</p>

<p>I put undecided, simply because–I am. I believe for the alumni interview, the interviewer knows your intended major. If I were to get an interview, I would like to talk about how I thought I wanted a certain major but then just recently have begun to change my mind, etc–I think it leaves my conversation with the interviewer more open.</p>

<p>So to answer your question, I don’t think it’ll hurt your app.</p>

<p>Prospective major is not in any way, an evaluative tool by Yale admissions. It’s only a point of curiosity since they know it’s likely (in about 80% of cases) to change.</p>

<p>If you’re undecided, say so. If not, then not.</p>

<p>Agree with T26E4. In that Yale knows that the majority of students change prospective majors, they know better than to be influenced by what you put on the application.</p>