most moving speeches/monologues

<p>What are the most moving monologues or speeches that you guys have heard in plays?</p>

<p>This isn't from a play but the most moving speech I've ever heard was Al Pacino's Peace with Inches speech in Any Given Sunday.</p>

<p>this isn't also a play but stalin's speech against the citizens of Stalingrad was impressive compared to his oppressive record.</p>

<p>If you want one that's really unique and very interesting (like if this is for an audition or English class), check out Angelo's monologue at the very end of Act Two of Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure."</p>

<p>This governor has condemned a man to die because he impregenated his (the man's) fiancee. The man's sister, a day away from entering a nunnery, comes to the governor and begs for her brother's life. The governor, much to his surprise, lusts after the girl, and, indecisive, asks her to come back tomorrow. This monologue tells how he feels, how surprised he is at his temptation. The next day, when the girl comes back, he falls to temptation and tells the girl he will only spare her brother if she gives him her virginity.</p>

<p>It's a really great monologue, but may be a little short. Check it out at</p>

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<p>about 45% of the way down. It's the last bit before Act Two, Scene Three.</p>


<p>oh yeh the classic is i forgot Henry IV or fifth not sure but the band of brothers speech at Agincourt pretty good.
Another one is Marc Antony's speech in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
Thoma's Beckett's speech in Murder in the Cathedral by T.S. Eliot is also good. Speaks of martyrdom in the best fashion.</p>

<p>Ray Kohn's and Prior's monologues from Angels in America are two of my favorite male ones.</p>

<p>I can't think of a good female one right now.</p>

<p>Not from a play, but the Gettysburg address, and the "I have a dream ..." speeches are very good.</p>